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企业新闻 / 2023-03-19 00:34

本文摘要:01热点预测:2020年热点垃圾分类【题目要求】假定你是李华,你的美国朋侪Eli对中国正在推广的垃圾分类政策很感兴趣,他想相识一下相关情况,请你给他写封回信,内容包罗:1. 上海率先实行;2. 垃圾须分四类(干、湿、可循环、有害) ;3. 民众反映。参考词汇:垃圾分类 trash sorting注意:1.词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


01热点预测:2020年热点垃圾分类【题目要求】假定你是李华,你的美国朋侪Eli对中国正在推广的垃圾分类政策很感兴趣,他想相识一下相关情况,请你给他写封回信,内容包罗:1. 上海率先实行;2. 垃圾须分四类(干、湿、可循环、有害) ;3. 民众反映。参考词汇:垃圾分类 trash sorting注意:1.词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

【优秀范文】Dear Eli,Having learned that you are interested in the trash-sorting program promoted recently in China, I am here writing to give you a brief introduction. As far as I know, Shanghai has become the pioneer of our country's waste sorting policy. As of July 1st this year, the residents in Shanghai have not been able to dump their waste bags in whichever bin was closest. On the contrary, domestic waste is required to be classified into four categories: dry refuse, wet trash, recyclable waste and hazardous(dangerous) waste.Faced with the new rule, many citizens in Shanghai are finding it a little too complicated, with every item of waste now under careful scrutiny(examination) and classification. Still, there are more people who warmly support the policy because it helps people to cultivate greener lifestyle habits and helps China to become a more beautiful country. Yours,Li Hua疫情话题:谢谢信【题目要求】假定你是李华,你所在的山西国际学校要征集一封英文谢谢信,以致意奋战在抗击新型冠状病毒肺炎第一线的医护人员,请你凭据下列要点写一封信用于投稿。1. 表达谢意;2. 小我私家感受;3. 表达信心。注意:1.词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.开头语和竣事语已为你写好。

参考词汇:盛行病epidemic 疫情 epidemic situation 新型冠状病毒 novel coronavirus【优秀范文】Dear Medical workers,I am Li Hua,a high middle school student in Shanxi. I'm writing to express sincere gratitude to you all for your devotion and sacrifice in this battle against the Novel Coronavirus.In this epidemic, it is you who, despite the lack of equipment and the potential of infection, desperately rescue those infected but striving for life. It is also you who have shed new light on the virus with expertise to build up our confidence to defeat it. It is you who deserve all the admiration and love!I can never express our thankfulness too much for your selfless contribution. It's widely believed that our joint efforts China will win the battle and make a quick recovery.Good luck and stay well!Yours sincerely,Li Hua02热点预测:科技生长科技是近几年来比力常泛起在英语的试题中的一个话题,或者泛起在阅读明白中,或者泛起在完形填空中,或者泛起在写作题目中!5G技术与人工智能【题目要求】人工智能与5G时代已悄然来临,随着科技越来越与人类生活相联合,随处可见的人工智能,让生活越来越便利的同时也带来许多的困惑,按要求完成一篇作文。内容包罗:1. 形貌或畅想未来人工智能的生长状况2. 分析这种现象发生的原因3. 陈述利弊以及讲明小我私家态度【优秀范文】As we all know , the time of 5G technology is coming , it is called the fourth industrial revolution , future of computer science lies in the artificial intelligence,it is the research and artificial simulation of human thought and eventually be able to make a human like to think the same machine , for human services and to help people solve problems.After all, people thought it was unique, there are feelings, there are a variety of character, this will be very difficult to achieve in the machine.In fact, to do the same as the human thinking machine, the only one of the artificial intelligence, is by no means all. Through the study of artificial intelligence, it can resolve all kinds of scientific problems, promote the development of other science will have a great impact on all people's lives .I believe that the science of artificial intelligence is waiting for humanity to explore it step by step .03热点预测:社会主义焦点价值观精准扶贫高考,是国家选拔人才的一种重要方式,说它受到举世瞩目亦不为过。体贴国是是一名及格人才的重要特征。

因此,对精准扶贫这一热点政策的考察亦有可能。听上去难写,写起来纷歧定难哦,一起来看以下预测英语作文吧!【题目要求】如果你是李华Li Hua,你的英国朋侪Peter给你发来微信,想相识一下你的家乡自“十九大(the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China)”以来所发生的变化,请你用英文给他回复。内容如下:1. 精准扶贫(targeted poverty reduction),效果良好;2. 情况掩护获得了显着改善。

注意:1. 词数100 左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。【优秀范文】Dear Peter,I’m glad that you are caring about the development of my hometown. Now I will tell you something about it. Great changes have taken place since the19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The targeted poverty reduction has reached its ideal aims. Many poor families have got effective help from local government and have improved their life greatly. Many old houses are replaced by new tall buildings which are surrounded with green trees and colourful flowers. The rivers that had been polluted seriously before are getting clearer and clearer. Besides, all kinds of fishes return the rivers. The sky is filled with white and cleaner clouds. Please come to visit my hometown in the near future.Yours,Li Hua04热点预测:新四大发现移动支付【题目要求】随着微信,支付宝、银行App等的生长想必大家都爱用他们支付购置。那么,通过网络举行的钱币支付或资金流转给我们的生活带来了哪些利益呢?请你以移动支付的利益为主题写一篇英语漫笔。

【优秀范文】The Advantages of Online PaymentOnline payment has been advocated around the world, which is the future way to pay bills. In China, Alipay is popular everywhere, even the small business can be finished by this advanced way. People play the joke that they don’t need to worry about the lack of cash. The advantages of online payment are obvious.Firstly, it saves people’s time to pay bills. The use of online payment is carried out with a smart phone. Especially when we go to the supermarket, there are always a lot of people waiting in the long line. The process of costing customers’ time is to take out the cash or use the credit card, because both customers and cashiers need to count the money or check the bills. But now the cashier can just scan the phone and the bill will be paid and the customer can check quickly.Second, people don’t have to worry about getting the fake cash. Many years ago, people were easy to get fake money as they received the change. But now, as the cash have been used less, people won’t receive the fake cash without paper money. With the development of new applications, our life will be much convenient.05热点预测:康健生活网瘾中国社会近些年一直提倡康健生活方式,但网瘾普遍存在于青少年之中,对其学习和生活都造成了很大不良影响!往年高考并未考到这个话题,今年备考可以在这个话题上准备一些!【题目要求】假设你是李华,你在美国夏令营认识的朋侪Mike给你来信说他最近着迷于电脑难以控制。请你给他回一封信,告诉他网瘾可能会导致结果下降、康健状况恶化、损害家庭关系等问题,并提出一些建议。参考词汇:沦落于be/become addicted to 网瘾:Internet addiction【优秀范文】Dear Jack,I am glad to hear from you. As your close friend, I’d like to talk about the harm of Internet addiction to you as I feel worried to know that you have wasted lots of valuable time playing the Internet games.As we know, the Internet is a convenient tool to improve our knowledge and skills. However, our life will be greatly affected if we are addicted to it. For example your grades may go down and your health will be going from bad to worse. To make things worse, it can also damage the relationship with your family. So I think it is high time that you got rid of the bad habit. It is a good idea for you to read some meaningful books and do some physical exercise.I am looking forward to hearing your good news soon.Yours,Li Hua06热点预测:传统文化艺术中华饮食:茶近几年,高考英语写作多次泛起对中国传统文化的考察,例如唐诗、剪纸等。

因此,今年考察传统文化的的可能性依然很大,而对于中国饮食还未见考察,所以,在备考温习时,可以多在这个主题上下些功夫!【题目要求】假定你是李华,你的美国朋侪Jack发来邮件,想相识中国茶文化知识。现在请你给他回封邮件,内容包罗:1. 中国茶文化简介;2. 饮茶的利益;3. 邀请他来中国体验茶文化。注意:1. 词数100左右;2. 邮件开头和末端已为你写好,不计入总词数;3. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

【优秀范文】Dear Jack, I'm glad to hear from you. And now I’m very happy to share something about Chinese tea culture in reply to your last e-mail. Chinese tea culture started about 4,000 years ago and drinking tea gradually became an amazing tradition. In China, people drink tea almost everywhere and in most of their spare time. Some Chinese believe that tea benefits people’s health a lot. Drinking a cup of tea makes people relaxed and refreshed. Others treat guests or friends to tea drinking in social communication.Probably, you’ve got a general picture of tea culture after my introduction. Then, how about coming to China to experience it yourself? Maybe, you will fall in love with it.Yours,Li Hua07热点预测:走进中国走进中国陪同着中国日益国际化,越来越多的外国人正在走进中国,也有许多国际友人希望更多的相识中国。【题目要求】如果你是李华,你的美国笔友David准备组织一个“走进中国(Approach to China”的运动,他写信请你帮助筹谋一下运动内容并先容一下有中国特色的元素,以便让他的同学更好地相识中国。

请你用英文写一封回信。要求:1. 100字左右;2. 需包罗至少两其中国元素,可适当增减细节。参考词汇:一带一路倡议 One Belt and One Road Initiative;祥瑞物 mascot【优秀范文】Dear David,I’m glad to know that you are launching a campaign “Approach to China” aiming to introduce your peers to a thriving China and be of some help.From my perspective, the activities may range from Chinese calligraphy competition to paper cutting, martial arts, appreciation of Beijing Opera and so on. As for Chinese elements, the Great Wall with a long history symbolizes the national fighting spirits while high-speed railway representing the cutting-edge technology takes the lead in the world. China’s booming economy is marked with mobile payment and One Belt and One Road Initiative.By the way, mascots like pandas and Monkey King will enjoy great popularity among participants.Wish your campaign a success.Yours sincerely,Li Hua【题目要求】 假定你是李华, 你的美国笔友Mark本学期开始选修汉语课程。


注意:1. 词数100左右;2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.开头语已为你写好。【优秀范文】Dear Mark,I know from your e-mail that you are learning Chinese this semester and ask me for some advice. Here are my suggestions.First, you should listen carefully to your teacher in class and practice as often as possible after class because mastering a language requires a lot of practice. Second, I’d like to recommend you to read some Chinese story books, which helps you enlarge your vocabulary and understand the different meanings of the words. Third, I think it is a good idea to communicate with Chinese native speakers. Last but not least, watching Chinese movies and listening to Chinese songs are good ways to learn idiomatic Chinese.I hope my advice will be helpful.Yours,Li Hua【题目要求】假定你是李华,你校今年暑假将要为外国学生举行一场汉语夏令营运动。

请给你的美国朋侪Jason写封邮件,邀请他到场。内容包罗:1. 时间和所在;2. 内容:汉语学习、中国传统文化等;3. 报名方式和停止日期。注意:1.词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。【优秀范文】Dear Jason,How is it going? Our school is going to hold a Chinese Summer Camp for international students this summer vacation. Knowing that you are keen on Chinese culture, I am writing to invite you to join in it.The camp will last 10 days, from July 11 to July 20 in our school. It covers a variety of activities, ranging from learning daily Chinese to Chinese history and traditional culture. In addition, the camp provides a chance for members to visit some museums, which is a good way to learn about our history. If you are interested, please sign up before July 11 on our school website.I am sure that you will gain much through the activities. Looking forward to your participation. Yours,Li Hua08热点预测:冬奥会民族盛会民族盛会 — 冬奥会2022年冬季奥运会将在2022年2月4日至2022年2月20日在中华人民共和国北京市和河北省张家口市团结举行。


如果你是学生李华,希望能成为其中一员。请按要求用英文给组委会写一封申请信,内容包罗:1. 小我私家情况;2. 自身优势;3. 服务答应。注意:1. 词数100左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3. 开头和末端已为你写好,不计入总词数。

参考词汇:2022北京-张家口冬奥会 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games 【优秀范文】Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Li Hua. I would like to work as volunteer for 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games. I’m a boy of eighteen years old from a high school. My spoken English is good and I can communicate with foreigners fluently. What’s more, I have other advantages – I’m especially fond of sports, familiar with Beijing, good at communication and always glad to help other. I’m willing to provide the best service for every athlete in Winter Olympic Games. Therefore, I think I’m suitable for serving the Games. I would appreciate it if you could offer me the chance to be a volunteer.Thank you!Yours faithfully,Li Hua内容整理自网络,仅供参考,如有侵权,请联系我们删除。